Progress Edition | 2019

How can we make the process easier for our sellers and buyers? Answering that question guided Dynamic Auction Group’s progress in 2018.

            Dynamic Auction Group (Dynamic) is a full-service auction company that specializes in selling real estate and personal property at auction. Their team of auction professionals works for a diverse range of sellers from individuals and families, to businesses, school districts and banks.

Dynamic accelerates the sale of residential and commercial real estate, with properties sold at auction – in many cases – in 45 days or less. Likewise, the personal property auction process is typically complete in under 30 days. These two styles of auctions often go hand-in-hand.

            “In many cases, people want to sell their real estate but aren’t sure what to do with all the contents of the property,” said Jean Bell, head of the Dynamic Auction Group Personal Property Division. “Our personal property auctions offer an easy solution for those sellers.”

Our team photographs everything and creates an online auction catalog, Jean explained. Then an auction preview is held, where the public can come view the items before they bid. After the online auction ends, we hold a removal for the winning bidders to pick up their items. Following the removal     , the real estate division begins to prepare for the real estate auction.

            “When we say full service, we mean it,” said Nolan Bell, CEO of Dynamic Auction Group. “We sincerely care about making the process easier on our sellers. The transitions they are often going through can already be hard enough. So, we are committed to handling everything from A to Z.”

            Dynamic Auction Group has found that most sellers like our online-only auctions for the convenience and for being less intrusive than a live auction, Nolan said. The seller hands over the key and Dynamic handles the rest.

In 2018, Dynamic Auction Group made a progressive shift. After studying bidder trends and assessing the needs of both sellers and buyers, Dynamic made the transition to exclusively conducting online auctions, for both real estate and personal property.

            “We found that not only do our sellers like the online auction process,” Nolan explained, “but more and more our buyers also prefer to bid online. Online auctions offer bidders the convenience of being able to bid from anywhere with access to the internet, rather than having to clear a large portion of their busy day to attend a live auction.”

            Expect more great auctions at your fingertips in 2019 with Dynamic Auction Group. Throughout the calendar year, the Dynamic team is looking forward to announcing exciting changes that will further fuel their progress as Somerset’s leading full-service auction company.

            Contact (814)444-7777 to find out how Dynamic can serve you, or visit to bid today!

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