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Bringing a productive change to the auction industry through innovative auction methods. 

We want to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has trusted in us. Yes, Dynamic Auction Group has made great progress, but not without every person who trusted their property or belongings to us. Thank you for making our progress possible. 

At Dynamic Auction Group, we pride ourselves in bringing compassion to the auction process. Often, our sellers are going through a transition. We recognize the challenges, stress and emotions that our clients may be facing, and have tailored the auction process to allow sellers to move through that aspect of their transition with ease. 

“We do it for the people,” said Nolan Bell, CEO of Dynamic.

In order to best serve our clients in this ever-changing world, we remain dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and utilizing the most innovative technologies, Bell said. Dynamic is more than an auction group — it is a marketing company that does auctions. 

Our marketing strategy is a vital component of the auction service we offer. We attract buyers with a targeted strategy, and offer a seamless digital access, right to their fingertips with our online auction platform. 

“The auction method is one of the oldest means of selling,” Bell said, “and in our opinion, the most effective. To best serve our clients, we have to utilize innovative technologies and advance with the ways of the world.” 

Our online auctions do that. They combine the fun and competitive spirit of the traditional auction with the on-demand digital access and ease of use people today are seeking. This technology allows us to provide a successful service to both the buyer and seller.  

Sellers love the online auction process. Turn over the key, and we handle the rest. Our auction services assist anyone in selling assets. We help everyone from private individuals, executors of estates, to attorneys, schools, and banks navigate through the selling process with ease. 

“For personal property It is simple,” Bell said, “Our crew comes in and catalogs the auction. Then, the online auction ends at a specific date and time. The removal is then held and the buyers pick up their items. That’s it!” 

The process of buying and selling real estate at auction is just as simple. Sellers obtain fast results through our           accelerated marketing approach and professional real estate services from start to finish. In a market with an abundance of properties for sale, we make properties stand out.

“Our online auctions are loved by buyers too,” Bell said. “When you bid on our website, you can buy anything from
a tractor, to an 1800’s corner cupboard and a house with a corner to put it in. Buyers tell us all the time how easy our online auctions are, and most of all, how much fun they have bidding.” 

2017 and 18 are years of progress for Dynamic Auction Group. We are looking forward to continued growth and hiring in our new, up-town Somerset location. 

When you are ready to sell, we are here for you. 


Nolan Bell

CEO | Founder | Auctioneer

First generation auctioneer, Nolan Bell, fostered a love for the auction industry at a young age. While attending auctions with his family, he became intrigued by the sound and energy of auctioneers, began imitating them, and soon found his calling.

Nolan is a graduate of The World Wide College of Auctioneering (2010) and The Texas Auction Academy (2015), where he is now one of the youngest auction instructors in the world.

Nolan boasts a vast involvement in the auction industry. He specializes in providing clients with the premier auction experience through accelerated marketing, industry expertise, and a dynamic process. Nolan works for many types of clients on projects of any scale. He has facilitated the auction process for individuals, businesses, brokers, banks, and attorneys alike. Nolan’s passion also lies in serving charitable organizations. His award winning auction chant brings energy and entertainment to any fundraising event.

His accolades are many. In 2010, Nolan won the coveted title of International Junior Auctioneer Champion. He was then named the Pennsylvania Rookie Auctioneer Champion in January of 2015. Last summer, at the annual International Auctioneers Championship in Dallas, Texas Nolan won the prestigious Robert Steffes Rising Star Award.

Nolan’s humble background and charismatic personality have molded him into the auctioneer and businessman he is today.

Contact Nolan

(814)691-1601 or nolan@biddynamic.com


Ben Svonavec

COO | Co-Founder | Auctioneer

Ben Svonavec is a professional auctioneer whose charismatic and melodic chant has wowed audiences over the years.

He is a 2010 graduate of The World Wide College of Auctioneering. Upon returning from auction school, he quickly made a name for himself in the auction industry. He won the coveted title of Virginia State Auctioneer Champion in 2013.

Ben currently serves as an ambassador for the Virginia Auctioneers Association throughout the state and the Mid-Atlantic, bringing a dynamic flavor to any auction environment. Ben engages fundraising audiences around the state in addition to serving as a luxury real estate and automobile auctioneer. It is evident, he simply loves what he does!

contact ben

(814)279-8453 or ben@biddynamic.com


Jordan Frazier

CFO | Co-Founder

Jordan Frazier is a 2009 graduate of Mount Aloysius College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. He boasts a wealth of industrial knowledge, as well as, a strong background in finance.

It is only natural that Jordan specializes in bringing the dynamic process to the industrial and agricultural sectors. His roots are deep in agricultural endeavors. He is a Co-Founder and owner of  J&J Show Pigs, a leading show pig operation in Western Pennsylvania. He is also an instrumental member of Beahr Ridge Cattle. Jordan is heavily involved in many aspects of the agriculture industry.

contact jordan

(814)483-0219 or jordan@biddynamic.com