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Location: 445 Schoolhouse Rd, Johnstown, PA 15904

Preview: Monday, May 14th from 6 pm to 8 pm

Removal: Monday, May 21 from 9 am to 2 pm

(more removal times may be available by appointment, but not guaranteed, please inquire by sending us a message)

Contact: Dynamic Auction Group at (814)444-7777

Goods sold AS IS: Auctioneer agrees to provide a statement or description of any item or lot for sale on this site to the best of their knowledge and ability. However, Bidder recognizes that Auctioneer is not an expert and therefore, any description is solely an opinion. Auctioneer in no way warrants the condition of any given asset by way of said description or any verbal communication. All assets shall be available to Buyer to inspect prior to bidding and Auctioneer hereby strongly advises that a bidder engages in viewing all assets prior to making a bid. By making a bid, Bidder signifies that they have examined the asset to their satisfaction or that they have chosen not to inspect the asset voluntarily. Auctioneer is in no way liable for the condition, quality or quantity of the asset upon receipt of Buyer, nor is Auctioneer liable for the actions of Bidder before, during or after the sale in regard to the asset. Further, Auctioneer shall not be liable for misstatements, typographical errors, to the asset or loss of money or merchandise. Auctioneer shall not be liable for any marketing or description of any asset, and Buyer is not encouraged to rely on the description given by the Auctioneer at any time, as they could contain error or set false expectation on behalf of Buyer. If Auctioneer posts an announcement regarding a particular asset, updated information shall take precedence over the original description or any other information provided about the asset prior to the posting. Buyer's dissatisfaction with the condition of any asset is not grounds for any refund, failure to satisfy any given statement, legal claim, failure to close a sale or terminate an active contact. Buyer acknowledges that all assets are used, and therefore may have some evidence of use. Dissatisfaction with an asset will not be reason for Buyer to stop payment or cancel a charge at any time. SALES ARE MADE WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR GUARENTEES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE AND NONINFRINGMENT. 

Buyers Premium (BP) Applies: 10% of the high bid amount will be added to the high bid amount to achieve the total purchase price.

Example: (high bid amount) $10 + $1 (buyers premium) = $11 (total purchase price)

Welcome to the Greater Johnstown Career & Technology Center, School Surplus Auction. 

On auction day: This auction is a soft close auction meaning that the lot end times are staggered, and if bidding activity takes place in the last few minutes, the bidding is extended for that lot, much like at a live auction. When the auction begins to end, click the blinking orange button to follow along in the "Live Catalog." This will allow you to bid with ease. The lots in this auction will begin to end at 6 p.m. on the stated date.

Registering to bid: Enter the full auction catalog by clicking the red button above. It is recommended that you register to bid at least 30 minutes prior to the stated end time to give you time to familiarize yourself with the online auction platform. 

  1. Click the red button to enter the auction catalog
  2. Create an account. At the top of the page click on "Log in/Bidder"
  3. Enter required information to complete registration.

Bidding: Once you are registered, place your bids by clicking the button that says "Bid" and the dollar amount. You also have the ability to place a maximum bid. The bidding system will automatically bid for you up and to your max bid amount, but not over. If the lot has a minimum bid it will be displayed. You are always able to raise your bid at any time prior to it ending. Remember to bid enter the Live Catalog when the auction begins to end!